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New Veterinary Practice Program

Our brand new veterinary program is designed to help new veterinarians start their career with a solid financial foundation. Given the dynamics of our industry, we totally understand that creating the right professional relationships often start well in advance of actually needing those services. As a trusted advisor for veterinarians, our members are in the right position to recommend other professionals dedicated to the veterinary industry ranging from veterinary law firms, veterinary banking, to veterinary practice brokers.

Depending upon your situation, our veterinary accountants will often provide the following guidance:

  • Corporate structure for your practice
  • Tax planning and budgeting for your veterinary practice
  • Debt financing evaluation
  • Financial benchmarking guidance
  • Recommend key veterinary relationships (e.g., veterinary law, veterinary loan financing, veterinary brokers, etc.)
  • Preparing your financial position
  • Tax preparation for future veterinary practice owners